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  • From Print To Braille: Reading the Finished Product (Episode 57)

    For many years now, Sight Scotland have championed National Braille Week, an opportunity to celebrate braille usage and raise awareness of the importance and value of braille. It runs in the second week of October, to coincide with World Sight Day.

    In 2023, we celebrated National Braille Week at the Braillists by running five Masterclasses, one each day, following the journey “From Print to Braille”. These episodes are the recordings of these Masterclasses.

    This week: The final stage of the transcription journey is for someone to read the braille! Usually, this is either done by embossing the document on paper or transferring it to a braille display. Which is most suitable? How easy is it to do? Join Matthew Horspool and Jackie Brown to find out!


About Braillecast

BrailleCast is an independent podcast celebrating the world’s most successful tactile reading system.

Braille represents competency, independence, and equality. Whether you are a Braille reader, Braille teacher, parent to a blind child or someone with a casual interest in Braille, we hope BrailleCast will encourage you to adopt and promote the value of Braille.

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