About Us

We are a dedicated team of blind professionals from the UK passionate about the value of braille to transform lives. You can read more about the importance of Braille from Worl Blind Union.

BrailleCast aims to showcase the value of Braille; support those getting started with Braille; reenergize anyone who has lost their confidence with Braille; provide Braillists with resources to help spread the word about Braille. BrailleCast highlights the many ways Braille touches our lives, and offers a platform to share ways we can broaden Braille’s appeal.

As well as exploring innovations in Braille technology, at BrailleCast we also want to share your news and reviews. So if you feel strongly about a new or old Braille book or gadget, get in touch.

If you have ideas about how Braille can be made more relevant for more people, then let BrailleCast share your story.

Who is Producing BrailleCast?

We are not big on titles, and often our jobs overlap. But here are the people who make BrailleCast happen.

Dave Williams is a blind dad and independent accessibility consultant and trainer from the UK. Dave directed ACB Radio between 2003 and 2006 before holding a range of product management roles at Dolphin Computer Access. Dave has presented at RNIB Braille networking days, lead Braille workshops at Birmingham University’s course for Teachers of the Visually Impaired as well as speak at international conferences on disability and technology. Dave was the first blind person in the world to complete UEB Online. Dave proposed to his wife using a Braille scrabble board. Dave regularly reads bedtime stories with his sighted son using a Braille display and iPad.

Sean Randall is an IT specialist and teaching assistant at New College Worcester, one of the most widely respected specialist schools in the world for blind and partially sighted students. Sean is the webmaster and a trustee for the British Computer Association of the Blind. When he’s not between the pages of a good book Sean enjoys a spot of coding and spending time with his family. Sean invented the user interface used by popular Twitter clients for the blind.

Jackie Brown is a freelance writer and regular reviewer of Braille technology. Jackie also volunteers for: Guide Dogs for the Blind, Royal National Institute of Blind People and is the newsletter editor and Board Trustee for the British Computer Association of the Blind. Jackie’s book Braille on Display is available from Mosen Consulting.

Darren Paskell is a Technology Research Assistant for Thomas Pocklington Trust. Darren’s diverse background includes Dans Le Noir, the National Archives, UK and the American Council of the Blind.

Matthew Horspool is a professional braille transcriber working in education. Matthew is also an active member of the UK Association of Alternative Formats, the Braille authority in the UK.

Gordon Luke also makes good things happen.

Join the Team

Do you love Braille, have audio production, journalism, podcasting, social media or web site skills that could be useful to bring BrailleCast to life? Join the BrailleCast team and help us make a difference.

The first step is to listen to an episode where you will hear our contact info.