Coming soon, BrailleCast is an independent podcast celebrating all things Braille for Braillists everywhere.

BrailleCast aims to promote the value of reading and writing with Braille. Whether you are a Braille reader, Braille teacher, parent to a blind child or someone with a casual interest in Braille, we hope BrailleCast will encourage you to adopt and promote Braille wherever you can.

The first BrailleCast episode is scheduled to be posted to BrailleCast.com before the end of January 2016. But if you would like to lend a hand in bringing BrailleCast to life, please read on and become part of the BrailleCast team.

Why Does the World Need a Podcast about Braille?

This week, Braillists around the world are remembering the 207th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth. But what will become of the Frenchman’s system that has enabled thousands, possibly millions, of blind people to read and write independently for nearly 200 years?

BrailleCast seeks to introduce people to Braille; support those getting started with Braille; reenergize anyone who has lost their confidence with Braille; provide Braillists with resources to help spread the word about Braille.

BrailleCast will seek to showcase the many ways Braille touches our lives, and share ways we can broaden Braille’s appeal.

Braille Cast will explore innovations in Braille technology. Lots of news is expected this year: Blitab, Braigo, B2G, Canute, Dot Watch, Transforming Braille are just a handful of projects worth exploring further. At BrailleCast we would like to share your news and reviews. So if you feel strongly about a new or old Braille book or gadget, get in touch.

If you have ideas about how Braille can be made more relevant for more people, then let BrailleCast share your story.

Who is Producing BrailleCast?

Dave Williams is an independent accessibility consultant from the UK. Dave is passionate about the power of Braille to enhance the independence and dignity of blind people. As well as directing ACB Radio between 2003 and 2006, Dave has produced packages broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Dave has also promoted Braille commercially for the assistive technology industry. Dave has been invited to present at RNIB Braille networking days and has led Braille technology workshops at the UK’s only course for Teachers of the Visually Impaired at Birmingham University.

What Next

Do you love Braille, have audio production, journalism, podcasting, social media or web site skills that could be useful to bring BrailleCast to life? Join the BrailleCast team and help us make a difference.

Contact BrailleCast on Twitter @BrailleCast

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